Modern tilt doors are sleek, stylish, & much more attractive than their counterparts of old.

Tilt doors are still very widely used today and are a perfect solution for high-set homes, and for situations where ceiling height is an issue.

Modern tilt options are available in a range of Colorbond colours to give you the freedom to choose your garage door replacement to match your home. Whether you want to create a bold statement, or something more subdued, our rainbow of colours gives you a wide range of options.

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All tilt doors must be specially custom-made to precisely fit the angles and dimensions of your existing frame… We make to measure, and do so with precision, so you know you’re receiving a quality product that is the perfect addition to your unique home.

I’m sure we have all witnessed tilt doors that squeak and shudder, or scrape noisily as they open and close!

We sell and install all our own tilt doors here in Brisbane. We have them manufactured locally by the only company we can trust to make them to our exacting specifications.

As a veteran of many tilt door installations. We have even trained a number of other installers on proper tilt door installation procedure. We are also an authorised specialist tilt door installer for some of the large garage door companies here in Brisbane.

**HOT NEWS!! We have just successfully developed a new installation system in conjunction with our manufacturer, specifically to resolve the issue if you have a very narrow garage door opening!

If you want your new tilt door to fit beautifully, and operate smoothly and trouble-free well into the future, then you are taking a huge risk by entrusting your new tilt door project to anyone else.


If you view the images above, you will see:

  • – The first two images are standard (what we call “K-Panel”) tilt doors
  • – The third image is a sectional door made into a tilt door. Perfect if you want the style and elegance of a sectional door, but have limited room.
  • – The fourth image shows you the available colorbond colors.